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Welcome to the new site!

We are back – welcome to the new site!

It’s a lot more streamlined than our old one – reflecting our pared back activity and focus on wholesaling and special projects. So we are primarily active behind the scenes these days : )

Please see the about page for more details, and follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date!





Minima is a young Cape Town based lighting and furniture studio whom we’ve recently started working with. We love their beautiful digitally crafted timber lights which are put together by ingeniously simple compression and locking mechanisms. We assist with getting Minima lights into European retailers and customers’ homes.

Please contact us if you’re interested in stocking or buying Minima products.

Pop-up shops

We have run several short and long-term pop-up stores in the Netherlands, including the very successful long-running Eco Pop-up Store in Groningen, and an official World Design Capital satellite project in Amsterdam.

If you’re interested in similar activities for your brand or event, please contact us.