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Happily ever after.

The time has come: The South is Blooming is closing down.

After seven years in business, it’s time for new adventures.  As of 1 February 2018, we’ll be ceasing operations.

Thank you so much to all our suppliers, customers and retailers for your support over the years. It has been very special to work with you all.

If you’re interested in hunting down South African design or craft, we would like to suggest you try the following sources:

Irene at CraftsCurator.

Showroom Nuweland, based in Friesland, NL.

For Skinny laMinx in Europe, please contact Barbara at Haus 269.

For basketwork try GoneArty.

The South will keep on blooming – we highly recommend visiting South Africa yourself to experience the magic of the place.

Go well.





Minima is a young Cape Town based lighting and furniture studio whom we’ve recently started working with. We love their beautiful digitally crafted timber lights which are put together by ingeniously simple compression and locking mechanisms. We assist with getting Minima lights into European retailers and customers’ homes.

Please contact us if you’re interested in stocking or buying Minima products.

Skinny laMinx

Skinny laMinx

We have worked as distributor-agent over several years with Skinny laMinx, one of South Africa design’s biggest success stories. Read more about Skinny laMinx on her site.

Designer Heather Moore will be in Europe in June 2017, and Skinny laMinx will also be showing at Maison&Objet Paris in September 2017. Find out more on the M&O site here, or contact us for details.


Pop-up shops

We have run several short and long-term pop-up stores in the Netherlands, including the very successful long-running Eco Pop-up Store in Groningen, and an official World Design Capital satellite project in Amsterdam.

If you’re interested in similar activities for your brand or event, please contact us.


Keiskamma Art project

Keiskamma Art project


It was very special to recently visit the Keiskamma Art project again, as this project was one of the key reasons the South is Blooming ever got started. Keiskamma is a group of over 100 women who work on large-scale art projects, mostly using embroidery, but also hand-made felting, painting, printing and sculpture, from a magical spot in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. They are currently at work on their own exquisite version of the mysterious unicorn tapestries.

A very beautiful and inspiring place to visit.

We support the work of the Keiskamma project and will continue to do so in the coming years. Please contact us if you would like more information about the project, commissions, or are interested in visiting yourself!