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African design for cosmopolitans*

cos·mo·pol·i·tan [koz-muh-pol-i-tn] adj.

  1. familiar with or representative of different countries and cultures
  2. having an exciting and glamorous character associated with travel and a mix of cultures

The South is Blooming provides consultancy, promotion and distribution services for handmade Southern African design in the European market.

We know and love the originality of contemporary creatives in Southern Africa, and we’re all about sharing this creative talent with the rest of the world. We think it’s important to know where something comes from, and under what conditions it was made. We like original updates of traditional methods and motifs.

We are proud to have worked over several years with well-known South African brands such as Skinny laMinx, Keiskamma Art, Projekt Crochet, Minima, and others. Please contact us if you’re interested in working together!

Interested in working with us?